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What is the offer?​

In all areas, you indicate what you need. In consultation with you, it can be determined what Kees can do for you. In consultation with you, he tailors his contribution completely to your needs.



Kees is happy to share many of his experiences in the field of leadership. You will find that many of his military experiences can apply just as well in any organization. He addresses issues such as dealing with risks, managing complex situations, functioning at the strategic level, international cooperation and cultural sensitivity.

Crisis manager


Are you looking for improvements in your crisis management procedures? Or do you have too dealing with an actual crisis in your organization and are you looking for someone to help you find a solution to get out of the crisis with calmness and determination? With his many experiences in various crisis-like circumstances, Kees may be able to help you further.



As a (strategic) advisor, Kees can help the management of organizations
strengthening leadership, choosing a direction and/or increasing employee involvement. But also in areas such as diversity, social safety and gender. In short: how do you give substance to or strengthen your integral responsibility as a leader?


Chairman of the day


Are you looking for someone who will guide participants through the program during your conference, workshop or other program and smoothly connect the elements without losing focus on the content? Kees is happy to take on this role.


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